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How to Identify and Select Healing Crystals: Part One~ Color

How to Identify and Select Healing Crystals using Color by Soul Sisters Designs


There is nothing more frustrating than not remembering the name of the crystal you recently purchased or were gifted. When you can't identify a crystal by name you may chose not to work with it because you don't know what intention it can help you with. This series is designed to save you from frustration and endless Google searches There are many different techniques we will explore throughout the series to help raise your crystal IQ and make you a more confident healing crystal user. We will discuss different qualities and characteristics to look for when attempting to identify a crystal, along with a few testing methods you can do from home. We will also explore the metaphysical side of crystals and techniques to make learning all the different properties less overwhelming. To kick off the series we will start with the perfect tool to use for both identifying your crystals, as well as learning their metaphysical properties.

Color is Energy

The color of a crystal can help you identify it or at least narrow down your options, but more importantly, it can help you work with crystals you cannot identify. Scientifically speaking, color is a form of visible light energy and is the only energy we can see. It is a form of electromagnetic energy that travels at the speed of light in waves. The color spectrum starts with red. Red has the longest wavelength but the shortest frequency of all the colors thus it emits the least amount of energy. On the opposite end of the color spectrum is purple. It has the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency making the color purple the highest vibrating color on the spectrum.

Color and Vibration

Absorption of a light wave occurs through resonance. In other words, the color we see has a frequency and vibration that resonates with the object. When the frequency of a light wave matches the frequency of the object, the object vibrates at that frequency, thus allowing us to see that color, while absorbing the frequency of all the other colors on the spectrum. The color visible to us is that objects vibrational energy. And this, my friends, is a major part of what gives healing crystals their metaphysical properties. According to Henry Mason in Crystal Grids, How to combine and focus crystal energies to enhance your life, "We feel color. We interpret color. In our brains, color triggers emotions and feelings. Colors have meaning to us." By applying the emotions naturally associated with each color based on their vibration, we can easily select the crystal we should use based on its color and the emotions that color triggers. Instead of having to open your Crystal Bible or go online to look up each crystal individually, you can simply refer to its color. You will be confident that based on color alone, you chose a crystal that resonates with what you need at that moment, even if you can't remember the name of the crystal you picked up.



The color red elicits feelings of intensity, energy and action. It is an aggressive color that stands out. Red is the color of blood and the sight of blood alone triggers an emotional response and the perception of danger. Stop lights are red because they serve to warn us of potential hazards ahead. Politicians frequently wear red ties during televised events as a way to project strength and confidence to the people. Use red crystals when you need motivation or want to elicit a call to action. Red is also a good choice when you need energy, more passion or want to uplift your spirit. Red can empower and instill a determined spirit. Refer to the red healing crystals below to assist in your identification efforts, but note it is not inclusive of every red crystal or stone.

Guide to Red Healing Crystals by Soul Sisters Designs



The color orange reminds us of the setting sun and the heat generated from the flame of a fire. It triggers an emotional response of enthusiasm and joy. Orange is an uplifting color like red, but energetically softened by its yellow hues resulting in a color that does not feel threatening, but encouraging. In nature we see the first signs of autumn as the leaves begin to turn varying shades of orange, symbolizing a time when we will bring our friends and family together to reap the harvest as we unite for a thanksgiving feast. Buddhists monks wear robes in a saffron shade of orange as a sign of their commitment to the order. Orange is also the color of our Sacral Chakra and represents the sexual energy born within us all. Sexuality and loyalty go hand in hand when we give ourselves to our partners. See examples of orange crystals you can use pictured below when you want to bring the energy of orange into your life.

Guide to Orange Healing Crystals by Soul Sisters Designs



Yellow is the color we think of on the sunniest of days. As its warm, bright rays begin to shine through our windows we arise from our beds and start our day refreshed knowing that each day is a fresh start with endless potential and possibilities. Just as the sun illuminates the day, the color yellow invokes our own personal search for knowledge. Unveiling newfound awareness and insight and instilling a sense of optimism and hope are traits of yellow crystals. Represented by the color yellow, the Air Element symbolizes a clear, focused mind that acts with integrity and authenticity. When light shines upon something nothing can be hidden. Yellow brings all things out of the darkness and into focus. See examples of yellow healing crystals below to assist with identification, along with a few keywords to remember associated with Yellow.

Guide to Yellow Healing Crystals by Soul Sisters Designs


Green is the color of growth. After the frost melts and the days become longer we begin to feel renewal in the air. Plants start budding in the softened dirt, trees begin to form their leaves and we get a sense that we survived another dark, cold winter. We feel safe and secure allowing us to relax knowing that spring is here. Green is a nurturing color. It encourages not only plants to grow, but our own physical and spiritual growth. Green is the color of our paper money because it represents success, abundance and prosperity. As mentioned, green also invokes a sense of safety and security. It is a new beginning, but not one we feel afraid of. Green is used on stop lights symbolizing it is time to go and the potential danger we faced while it was red is no longer a threat. These are just a few examples of the energy green invokes. See below for a variety of green healing crystals to assist in your identification efforts and to get an ideal of which crystals you may want to begin your new journey or adventure using.

Guide to Green Healing Crystals by Soul Sisters Designs


Blue-Green refers to colors such as turquoise and teal. They are colors of balance. Blue-green colors are soothing colors that help us relieve stress and enhance our ability to relax. They neutralize our emotional extremes and return us to a place of inner harmony. When we are on a beach and gaze at the clear ocean waters we get an instant sense of calm. As we get older we become more set in our ways and resist change. The energy of Blue-Green can assist us become more flexible and tolerant of other cultures and people, along with new ways of doing things. It is a fresh color that keeps us young and open to new ideals. When you need harmony, calm or to gain control of a situation or your emotions use Blue-Green healing crystals. There are several options pictured below.

Guide to Blue-Green Healing Crystals by Soul Sisters Designs



Blue is the color of the sky on a cloud free day radiating energy of focus and clarity. Lighter shades of blue invoke a sense of spirituality, serenity and peace. Blue resonates strongly with all of us and is perceived positively across a wide spectrum of people. It is the most popular choice when asking someone their favorite color, whether they are female or male. If the politician we referenced above isn’t wearing a red tie on television, then he is most likely wearing a blue one. Our subconscious equates the color blue with a person who is in control, intelligent, dependable and an authority figure. They are someone we can trust and who will be loyal to us. We use blue crystals when we need to invoke these same feelings in our life. In addition, we use them in times when we need acceptance that we have done our best and must allow ourselves to move on and let go. In addition, we use blue crystals when we need to foster more compassion, patience and trust. Pictured below are commonly used blue healing crystals to help with visual identification.

Guide to Blue Healing Crystals by Soul Sisters Designs



Pink is the color of love and romance. It is a soothing color that can calm us down when we are feeling angry or holding onto resentment. It is a color that can enhance feelings of self-worth and acceptance, while also serving to diffuse aggression. Pink feels soft and comforting. Pink healing crystals encourage us to give and receive love. However, in order to be able to do so, we need to start by loving ourselves unconditionally. We use pink healing crystals when we are in need of, searching for and dealing with emotions of the heart as they encourage us to open our hearts to love. Referenced below are examples of pink healing crystals to assist you with your identification efforts.

Guide to Pink Healing Crystals by Soul Sisters Designs



In ancient times, purple was the color of nobility. Our prehistoric ancestors may never had the opportunity to see the color purple as it was rare to see a purple fruit, flower, bird or fish. As civilizations evolved and became more connected that would eventually change. Purple fabric dying techniques allowed the color to be used on garments. However, it took 12,000 shellfish to garner enough dye to alter one garment. Wearing purple became exclusively for the wealthy and nobility of society. Roman Emperors Julius Caesar and Augustus both decreed only the Emperor could wear purple. They even went as far as making it punishable by death to sell or wear this noble color!

Purple has the most powerful energy of all the colors on the spectrum because it has the shortest wavelength and frequency. Perhaps this is why we associate purple with magic and mystery, dreaming and mysticism. Purple healing crystals connect with our subconscious. They enhance our intuition, bringing insight and knowledge. In addition, purple is associated with purity. Roman Catholic Bishops were historically given rings with Amethyst to serve as a reminder to remain pure in their hearts in minds. When you need insight, inspiration or assistance manifesting your deepest desires turn to purple colored crystals. Examples of purple crystals are below.

Guide to Purple Healing Crystals by Soul Sisters Designs



Before we discuss the color white's symbolism and meaning, it is important to understand what white is and isn't. White is technically not a color included on the color spectrum. White is the color of light from the sun and the color produced by moisture in the air that forms clouds. But what happens when the sun begins to shine after a rainy day? We see a rainbow! We see this beautiful rainbow because the white light shining down from the sun is bending or refracting through water molecules from the rain. In the image below, Isaac Newton demonstrated how light passing through a prism bends to create a rainbow of colors. White light is a culmination of every color's frequencies and therefore, not technically a color on its own, but it does have a very high vibration because of all the frequencies of colors within it.

Isaac Newton demonstrating how light passes through a prism and bends to create a rainbow

White light passes through a prism and is bent or refracted into the colors of a rainbow.

White is the color of purity, innocence and hope. Brides wear white dresses to symbolize their chastity and purity on their wedding day. Children are baptized in white gowns to symbolize their innocence. White sheets are commonly used on hotel bedding because white is perceived as clean and fresh. White further symbolizes wholeness and completion because, as we learned above, it is the culmination of all color energies coming together in unity. White's energy is amplifying. We associate Quartz and Selenite, both white crystals, as having the ability to amplify the energy of other crystals around them. Now you know why they are able to amplify other energy! There are some keywords to associate with White in the graphic below, along with a several examples of White and Clear crystals.

Guide to White Healing Crystals by Soul Sisters Designs



Brown is the color of earth and the color most prevalent in nature. It is the color of soil in which we plant our crops. The fur of many animals, including deer, horses, dogs and bison are brown. Bald eagles and hawks soar through the sky stretching out their wings made of brown feathers. The twigs, branches and roots of trees in a forest are all varying shades of brown. Brown promotes a grounding and stabilizing energy. We feel connected to nature when we wear shades of brown because it is reminiscent of what we see around us. Brown can be a comforting color as it promotes a sense of belonging and connection. When feelings of being "flighty" or "up in the air" take hold, bring yourself down with the revitalizing, comforting energy of brown.

Guide to Brown Healing Crystals by Soul Sisters Designs



Black is the absence of color and like white, is not on the color spectrum. Without light, we only see black. When you walk into a dark room you can't anything, but when you flip on the light all the colors are once again visible. Another example is you are looking for your blue shoes in a pitch black closet. You may grab one blue and one green shoe because without light you can't see what color you are reaching for. It is this absence of color that makes black crystals protective, as if they put an invisible cloak over us, our homes, families or property. We use black crystals when we are in need of safety and security. They are used like a shield that protects a warrior in battle.

Imagine a hot summer day. The sun is beating on your black shirt as you walk to your car in large parking lot. You can feel heat radiating from the ground as the blacktop below your feet heats up. The heat you feel on your shirt and coming from the asphalt is generated naturally from the energy of the colors being absorbed by the color black. We may consider black to be a sad color when we wear it at funerals and fear being alone in the dark, but in reality black is full of energy that we can feel with more than just our eyes in the form of the heat it generates. This is the energy of black crystals that instill courage, strength and self-control. We use black crystals during times that require us to be at our most resilient, enabling us to stay in control as we face our fears knowing we are safe and protected along the way.

Guide to Black Healing Crystals by Soul Sisters Designs


This concludes part one of our Healing Crystal series. This series was inspired by several healing crystal Facebook groups I am a member of and the vast amount of misinformation that is unintentionally shared. It was also inspired by my personal recollection of being a beginner healing crystal user. The enormous frustration I would feel not remembering the name of the stone I bought or having to look up the properties of every crystal before I felt secure in using it was overwhelming and confusing. We hope you have found the information we shared with you helpful and easy to understand . If there is anything you are unclear about, please do not hesitate to ask a question in the comment section below or email us directly at Feel free to save, print or Pin the graphics under each color so you always have them available when you need them. Until next time soulful friends!


Nicole and Sandy

Soul Sisters Designs



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