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Our Magical Moon

Our Magical Moon Full Moon Image and Graphics by Soul Sisters Designs

Our magical Moon, La Luna is bringing a special treat to the skies! A Super Blue Blood Moon will occur on January 31st, 2018. It has been 150 years since this trifecta has occurred making it fair to say this is a once in a lifetime lunar event! We get asked a variety of questions about the moon quite frequently and think it is the perfect time to share our Moon knowledge with you.

Moon and The Zodiac

If you recall the first Full Moon of 2018 occurred on January 1st. It was dubbed a Full Moon in Cancer. But why is it called "In Cancer?" Cancer is the opposite sign on the Zodiac wheel of Capricorn. That particular Full Moon occurred during Capricorn season. Full Moons only occur when the Sun and the Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth (see the picture below) therefore the Full Moon on January 1st was opposite the Sun Sign of Capricorn and that is why we called it Full Moon in Cancer. (Side note: I was born on January 8th therefore my sun sign is Capricorn. My Soul Sister was born on July 8th and her sun sign is Cancer. We are each other's opposite on the Zodiac Wheel and during my birth month the Moon is alway Full in her sign and vice versa during her birth month!)

Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of Earth during full moons

This Lunar Event will be a Full Moon in Leo since Leo is the opposite sign for Aquarius and we are currently in Aquarius season. It is believed that the energy of the Moon sign is the energy we should anticipate feeling during and around the Full Moon. The last Full Moon was full of emotions and intuition and the ebb and flow of life since it was in Cancer, a Water sign. This upcoming Full Moon will be in Leo and bring passion, drama and romance as Leo is a Fire sign. This energy shift also applies to New Moons. The last New Moon was in Capricorn and was full of typical Capricorn energy that encouraged responsibility, dependability and a drive to succeed. It is an Earth sign that can be a little serious at times. While the next New Moon will be in Aquarius, an Air sign. It will bring a logic, level-headed energy that encourages community and team work. They can seem emotionless and detached at times but it is just their preference to think logically over emotionally.

New Moon Graphics depicting Moon in between Sun and Earth

Blue Moon

A Blue Moon is not actually a moon that is blue. It is a relatively new phrase used to describe the second moon in a month. Since we had our first Full Moon on January 1st, This next Full Moon is the second to occur in January. Since the Moon's cycle is approximately 29-1/2 days, Blue Moons occur approximately every 30 months. Don't quote me on this, but it would make sense that the phrase "Once in a Blue Moon" references this occurrence.


Super Moon

A Super Moon happens when the Moon is as close to the Earth as it can get, known as its perigee. In addition to being perigee to Earth, it also must be a Full Moon meaning it has to be on opposite sides of the Earth as the Sun as we demonstrated above. Super Moons only occur a few times a year at the very most because the moon's orbit changes orientation while the Earth orbits the sun. La Luna is being pushed and pulled by the gravitational forces of not only the Earth, but of other planets and the Sun causing her to not orbit in a perfect circle but more of an elliptical shape. During a Super Moon when she is perigee to the Earth, she will appear around 14% larger and 30% brighter than during other Full Moons. I cannot wait to see her early in the morning as the sun is rising on January 31st!


Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse only occurs when the Moon, Earth and Sun are in perfect alignment or syzygy. The image above showed the Earth sandwiched between the Moon and the Sun during a Full Moon, however a Lunar Eclipse requires perfect syzygy or alignment to occur. The Sun radiates light onto the Earth causing the Earth to naturally cast a shadow just as everything else light is shined upon does. The Moon, as it orbits around the Earth, moves into that shadow blocking its light source and causing it to appear dark. Don't worry, this form of Eclipse is not like the Solar Eclipse that blackened our skies during the middle of the day. Lunar Eclipses don't work quite that way. They emit a spectacular show of color around the surface of the moon in brilliant shades of red and orange.


Blood Moon

If you recall our blog post on color and how it affects the metaphysical properties of healing crystals, we talked about reflecting and refracting of light. During a Lunar Eclipse, the Moon orbits into Earth's shadow blocking direct sunlight from hitting it. However, space is full of dust and atmospheric particles that are not completely blocked by the Earth's shadow. It is the atmosphere and its particles around the moon that sunlight does hit. Since the distance is so great, many of the shorter wavelength colors on the spectrum are filtered out leaving only a reddish, orange color to appear. It is this phenomena that cause the Moon to appear red and rightfully named a Blood Moon.


Super Blue Blood Moon defined by Soul Sisters Designs


There is so much more information we want to share with you about our Magical Moon, but will save that for next week so you can focus on the present and what is in store for us now. Be sure to put your crystals out in the moonlight to soak up this powerful energy and let it cleanse and recharge them. We also plan on putting a glass bottle outside with distilled water to create our very own Moon Water that we can sip on throughout the next couple weeks. Remember Full Moons are the perfect time to rid yourself of things that no longer serve you. An easy ritual is to write them down on a sheet of paper, go outside and torch them! Let the wind take them away and give you a powerful cleansing.

If you have any special rituals you would like to share with our healing crystal community, please do!!! You can either put them in the comments below or email them to us directly at Until next time!

In Gratitude,

Nicole and Sandy

Soul Sisters Designs

This picture was sent to us by a member of our healing crystal community. It depicts the amazing altar they set up for the occasion! Thank you for sharing this with us!!!

User Generated Image of New Moon Ritual provided to Soul Sisters Designs

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