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Make Your Own Moon Water Tonight

Moon Water- Crystal Infused Water Charged Under the Full Moon

Moon Water

Moon Water is water that has been charged by the powerful healing energy of the Moon. Making Moon Water under a Full Moon allows you to harness the potent cleansing and charging energy of the Moon and connect with her feminine wisdom and guidance. Using tonight's Lunar Eclipse and Full Thunder Moon is the perfect time to harness the energy of the Moon and create your very own Moon Water elixir!


What you Need

Glass Container with Lid

Spring or Distilled Water

Quartz Crystals or any Crystal that is safe to use in a Gem Elixir (optional)



Take a clean glass jar or container and fill it with Spring or Distilled Water. Add your Quartz Crystals or other Crystals of your choosing. Please be mindful on selecting Crystals for your Moon Water. Not all of our Crystal friends like to be submerged in water. For example, Selenite, should not be used as it will dissolve if left in water for too long. Crystals that are composed of metals should also be avoided. Hematite, for example, may rust in water and therefore should not be used. Air on the side of caution if you are unsure of your Crystal's chemical composition and stick with Quartz or Shungite or leave the Crystals out all together. Your Moon Water will still be very powerful without them.

Once your jar or container is filled and your crystals are added, close the lid. Place it somewhere outside under the night sky. If you cannot place it directly outside, then leave it on a windowsill. Take a moment to set an intention for the water and the Crystals if you are using them. Next, take a few moments to express your gratitude to the Full Moon and the energy, feminine wisdom and guidance it provides us. Do the same for the life-sustaining and healing power of the water and for the Crystals if you've used them as well.

When you wake up in the morning bring your water inside. I like to put a label on mine so everyone in the house knows it is magical Moon Water.


How to use it

Using all five of your senses take a sip of your Crystal Infused Moon Water. Does the water feel or taste any different to you? Can you sense the powerful energy that it now holds? I believe water charged under the light of a Full Moon has a smoothness to it that is hard to describe. Take a moment to reflect on how powerful your Moon Water truly is! The Full Moon cleanses and recharges our Crystals from negative or pent up energy allowing them to have a fresh start. You can use your Moon Water to give you a cleanse and recharge when you need it. It can be also be used as a holy water to bless others or yourself. Or it can be used to cleanse your Crystals by rinsing them in the powerfully charged water. Or maybe you just want to take a sip every morning to connect with the Moon and your intuitive guidance. Do what feels right to you! Just remember to express your gratitude whenever you use your Moon Water!


Moon Water Recipe

As always, feel free to share, save, Pin or print the graphic above to use as a reference. If you have any Moon Water recipes or rituals you like to do, please share them in the comment section below or email us at We would love to hear from you! Until Next time!!!


Nicole and Sandy

Soul Sisters Designs

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