How to Select and Identify Healing Crystals Part 10: Crystal Grids and the Tetragonal Crystal System

Tetragonal Crystal System

The Tetragonal Crystal System has an internal lattice in a rectangular pattern. Two of their axes are of equal distance and form right angles. They often times have an external sheen to them that instantly grabs the eye. An example of their rectangular axes can be seen below.

Crystal Grids

Tetragonal Crystals, with their rectangular internal lattice and their eye catching exterior sheen work like magnets to attract what we desire. Just like a magnet only works when something magnetic is nearby, they too have a passive energy that only awakens when there is something within range to attract itself towards. Tetragonal Crystals are best served on crystal grids when used in conjunction with crystals from the Hexagonal or Trigonal Crystal Systems as they are the pathfinders that seek out what we are looking to manifest.

Healing Crystals in the Tetragonal Crystal System Include: Apophyllite, Rutile, Chalcopyrite, Zircon and Wulfenite.


This concludes Part 10 of our series! If you have any questions feel free to email us at or post in the comment section below. We are happy to help in any way we can! We hope everyone has a beautiful holiday and happy new year!


Nicole and Sandra

Soul Sisters Designs

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