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How to Select and Identify Healing Crystals Part 8: Crystal Grids and the Triclinic Crystal System

Triclinic Crystal System and Crystal Grids by Soul Sisters Designs


Triclinic Crystal System

The Triclinic Crystal System is the least symmetric of the seven Crystal Systems. Their three axis points are all unequal in length and usually form no right angles. Their lattice or internal structure is composed of inclined angles that slope towards one another. The image below of a trapezoid demonstrates both the inclined angles and the different lengths of the axis points.

Trapezoid to demonstrate Triclinic Crystal Structure

Crystal Grids

Triclinic Crystals, with their internal lattice in trapezoidal shapes, project strength from every side. Because they don't have sharp, angled points like a Quartz Crystal, for example, their internal lattice makes their energy flow ideal for protecting us from outside threats. The Monoclinic Crystals we looked at a couple weeks back were also used for protection, but with a more inward focus. In contrast, Triclinic Crystals protect us from outside forces, energies and influences.

We use triclinic crystals on a crystal grid when we want to keep the undesirable out! They work similar to a fence you put around your garden to keep the rabbits out or the roadblock set up to keep cars out of a construction zone. They help protect us from whatever it is we wish to keep away.

A great example of how these stones have been used to protect one from outside harm can be found in Native American lore. Turquoise belongs to the Triclinic System and has been used as a protective amulet for centuries. If one is wearing a Turquoise ring and notices a crack in it, some Native American traditions would say that the Turquoise protected the wearer from the blow they would have received had the Turquoise not taken the hit for them! Below you will find a list of crystals in the Triclinic system, along with an informational graphic that you can save, print or pin for your future reference.

Healing Crystals in the Triclinic Crystal System include:


Triclinic Crystals and Crystal Grids by Soul Sisters Designs



This concludes Part 8 of our series! If you have any questions feel free to email us at or post in the comment section below. We are happy to help in any way we can! We hope everyone has a beautiful holiday and happy new year!


Nicole and Sandra

Soul Sisters Designs


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