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The Ruling Planets of the Zodiac

The Ruling Planets of the Zodiac


What are the Ruling Planets

Since Ancient times humans have studied the movement of the Planets and Stars in an attempt to learn more about the fascinating Universe we are a part of and how we fit into its vast existence. They created the Zodiac, and associated each sign with one of the Four Elements as well as attached a Mode or Quality to each one, but how they determined these associations requires us to look at the Ruling Planets. Each of the 12 Zodiac Sign is governed by a planet which embeds it with certain traits and energies. Modern Astrology accounts for ten Ruling Planets associated with the Zodiac which include the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The Ruling Planets are what gives each Zodiac sign its power. By looking at a Celestial snapshot of the sky on the day we were born, Astrologists create our natal chart foretelling what motivates us, what needs we have and what challenges we may need to overcome by looking at which Zodiac each of the Ruling Planets was in at the exact moment of our birth.

Please note, while each Planet is associated with a Zodiac sign it doesn't mean it is exclusively in that sign since every Planet orbit around the Sun at its own pace. The Ruling Planets are believed to be "at home" in the particular sign(s) designated to them. Astrologists take this into account when reading someone's natal chart and determine the influence each Planet has in any Zodiac sign.


The Sun

The Sun is Ruling Planet of Leo. It represents our ego or inner-self. Just as the Sun provides light that radiates upon all the planets, our Sun sign reveals where we draw our strengths. It governs our pride, courage and core instincts.

Ruling Planet the Sun with Zodiac Leo and its Traits


The Moon

The Moon is the Ruling Planet of Cancer. It represents our emotional and intuitive side that only those who truly know us would see. When we look at our natal chart and see what sign the Moon was in at the time of our birth it helps identify what makes us feel nurtured, secure and satisfied. It illustrates our greatest needs and predicts how we may nurture others.

Ruling Planet the Moon with Zodiac Cancer and its traits



Mercury is the Ruling Planet for Gemini and Virgo. It is the ruler of communication and transportation. It reflects our ability to see, hear and process information, as well as how we communicate knowledge and experiences using our senses. It symbolizes the child-like curiosity within each of us. What Zodiac sign Mercury was in at the time of our birth can help us understand our learning preferences and communication style.

Ruling planet Mercury with Zodiacs Gemini and Virgo and its Traits



Venus is the Ruling Planet of Taurus and Libra. It represents our capacity to express beauty, love and affection. It rules the arts, sex appeal, love and all things beautiful. Where Venus falls on our natal chart indicates the type of people we chose to establish relationships, romance and friendships with.

Ruling Planet Venus with Zodiac Taurus and Libra and its traits



Mars is the Ruling Planet of Aries. Mars is the planet of physical energy, aggression and initiative. It is associated with conflict and war. Where Mars falls on our chart determines what style we will use to get something we want. It depicts our level of vitality, energy and ambition. Will we be assertive and ambitious or impulsive, combative and destructive?

Ruling planet Mars with Zodiac Aries and its Traits



Jupiter is the Ruling Planet of Sagittarius. It is the planet of success, optimism and good luck that brings joy into our lives. It is the largest planet in the solar system and depicts where we will see abundance in our lives. It encompasses our need for self-improvement and personal growth. Where Jupiter falls on our natal chart depicts how we gain our ethical, philosophical or religious ideals, as well as how we are likely to pursue material and financial gain.

Ruling Planet Jupiter with Zodiac Sagittarius and its traits



Saturn is the Ruling Planet of Capricorn. It governs our ambition, career and social structures. It discerns our sense of personal duty, self-discipline and responsibility. It has a serious, sometimes cold energy, that can appear selfish or it can manifest into hard work, discipline, restraint and structure that organizes into something great depending on where it falls in our natal chart.

Ruling Planet Saturn with Zodiac Capricorn and its Traits



Uranus is the Ruling Planet of Aquarius. It represents our subconscious desire to gain awareness and insight into of our true self. Like a lightning bolt, new insights and revelations can spur creativity, revolution, shock and change. It breaks our stale patterns and introduces us to a new rebellious, liberating nature. It is the only planet that orbits on its side, instead of spinning like a top as all the other planets do showing its rebellious nature. It encourages us to be original and independent thinkers in order to gain freedom from the restrictions that conformity demands. Uranus provides the energy that insists on sudden and instant change to push out our old, tired ideas replacing them with something new and better.

Ruling Planet Uranus with Zodiac Aquarius and its traits



Neptune is the Ruling Planet of Pisces. It represents the intangible, idealism and romanticizing while dissolving the boundaries of what is real in its quest for universal wisdom. It reminds us things are not always what they appear to be and encourages imagination. Neptune is associated with compassion, movies, arts and acting. Depending on its placement in our chart, Neptune can indicate spiritual healing and service to others or chaos and fantasy. Do we escape reality and turn to substances to alter our mind or are we inspired to create music, art, poetry or film?

Ruling Planet Neptune with Zodiac Pisces and its Traits



Pluto is the Ruling Planet of Scorpio. The slowest moving planet, Pluto will remain in the same Zodiac sign for an entire generation. It represents transformation, power and control. Drastic changes throughout civilization can be traced to Pluto's movement through the signs. Where Pluto lies in our chart will show how where its transformational energy will regenerate parts of our lives whether we chose it or not.

Ruling Planet Pluto, with Zodiac Scorpio and its Traits


In Summary

Summary of Ruling Planets, their Zodiac sign(s) and Traits

There are numerous websites online such as, where you can create your personalized natal chart by entering the date, time and city of birth. We hope this post helps you forge a deeper understanding of your results! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to let us know. Email us: And as always, feel free to Save, Pin, Print or Share any of the graphics used in this post. Until next time!

♥️Nicole and Sandy


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