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Metaphysical Healing Properties of

Tektite Healing Properties.png

The word Tektite was derived from the Greek word “tektos” which translates to molten or melted.  They are rounded, pitted bodies of silicate glass.  Unlike Obsidian, Tektites are non-volcanic in origin.  Most scientists believe they were most likely derived by large hypervelocity meteorite collisions with terrestrial rocks here on Earth.  The most well known Tektite is Moldavite, named after the Moldau River in the Czech Republic where they are found.  Tektites have an amazing energy that helps increase our vibration.  When experiencing blockages in our lower Chakras, Tektites are able to clear the blockages and connect the lower Chakras to our higher Chakras.  This facilitates a free flow of energy, which raises our vibration, strengthens our Aura and expands our level of consciousness.  Once consciousness is expanded we begin to gain deeper insights into current situations or problems in our lives.  This, in turn, helps us get to the root cause of them enabling us to eventually heal.  In addition, Tektite can activate and even expand psychic abilities, telepathy, lucid dreaming and astral travel.  For those that are feeling the presence of negative entities, Tektite can be used to protect you and deter the entities from latching on.

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