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Metaphysical Healing Properties of

Turritella Agate Healing Properties.png

TurrItella Agate is a record keeper crystal, holding within wisdom from the past.  It is a great stone for past lives work as it attunes us with our true inner-self which serves as a catalyst for spiritual growth. Turritella Agate helps us overcome negativity in all forms.  It removes the bitterness and rage that has been hurting our hearts, enabling us to foster only loving energy once again.  Turritella Agate wants us to feel safe and secure and assists by dissolving the inner turmoil and tension that has been holding us back, replacing it with courage and confidence.  A grounding stone, Turritella Agate brings unchecked egos back to reality reminding them they are connected to all sentient beings.  Turritella Agate also assists us during transitional times of our lives.  By erasing anxiety and fear we hold during times of change, Turritella Agate, once again, instills confidence and courage and reminds us we are safe and protected. 

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