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Sandra Doss and Nicole Felkl co-founders of Soul Sisters Designs healing crystal jewelry

Our names are Nicole Felkl and Sandra Doss and we are the visionaries behind Soul Sisters Designs.  We chose the name because it embodies exactly who we are to one another.  Our journey together began all the way back in the 6th grade when we started attending the same school.  From the first day we met, there was an instant connection. Through the years, whenever we went anywhere together,  someone always asked us if we were sisters.  When we replied, "No, just best friends!", people seemed genuinely surprised.  We never understood why people even thought we could be sisters, considering our physical attributes were so different.  It would take over twenty years for us to get that answered!  One afternoon we attended a metaphysical fair together and were asked, yet again, if we were sisters by one of the vendors.  We gave our typical answer, but this time we received a different response.  The woman who inquired said, "Well maybe not, but then you are definitely soul sisters!"  At that moment we finally understood what people were seeing in us was not our physical attributes, but the synergy of energy that bonds us together and vibrates loudly when we are in one another's presence.  What brought us to the metaphysical fair that day was our passion and love for healing crystals!  Each crystal shares its vibration with us and helps us discover more and more about ourselves.  They lift our mood, cleanse the energy in our home and from our aura and just make us smile when we are feeling down.   Healing Crystals have been an invaluable gift for both of us on our journey of self-discovery. We want others to experience not only their beauty, but the metaphysical properties that radiate upon us, guiding us during these hectic times.   The awakening has begun and one by one, we can heal this planet with them as our guide!  

In Gratitude, 
Nicole and Sandra
Soul Sisters Designs

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