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Metaphysical Healing Properties of

Metaphysical Healing Properties for Apache Tears by Soul Sisters Designs

Apache Tears are a volcanic form of Obsidian created when hot lava spewing out of a volcano solidifies before it hits the ground.  It is literally fire energy from deep within the Earth!  It instantly grounds us back to Earth’s energy.  Apache Tears are created from the deep core of the Earth whose energy will help us heal our deep seeded emotional wounds.  A very supportive stone during times of sorrow, they work to help us release our grief, removing blockages that prevent that removal and accept that what happened, has happened, while uplifting us to move on.  Apache Tears’ extremely powerful grounding energy can be harnessed to transport our spiritual energy back down to earth during times when we are living with only our higher Chakras in mind.  It does this by helping us connect our spiritual experiences with our physical body ensuring balance is inevitably realized.   Apache Tears are a valuable tool to enhance our logic and critical thinking skills.  This opens the door to new opportunities and skills, resulting in a feeling of hope and new beginnings.  Releasing negative energies of all forms, Apache Tears also inspires positive change and emboldens us to put a plan of action together to achieve our goal!

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