Metaphysical Healing Properties of


Apophyllite carries the Akashic Record of all that has occurred in the past and all that will occur in the future.  It has an extremely high and powerful vibration that it can transmits throughout the room.  Apophyllite connects the physical with the spiritual realm allowing information to transfer from spirit to our physical body promoting insight and introspection in our own behavioral patterns.  Thus enabling us to use this new awareness to correct our imbalances and flaws.  Apophyllite is a stone of truth that emboldens us to not fear exposing our true selves to the world.  It asks us to look at what or how we hold ourselves back hence we can finally show the world who we truly are.  With its ability to relieve stress, Apophyllite calms our nerves, relieves us of suppressed emotions and enables us to overcome our worries, fears and anxieties.  Apophyllite promotes universal love by attuning us to the spirit world and reminding us of the connection our physical bodies have with divine!