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Metaphysical Healing Properties of

Astrophyllite Healing Properties.png

Named after it starburst sprays after the Greek word “astron” for star and “phyllon” for leaf, Astrophyllite is a true gift from the Divine.  It helps us to release our old patterns and programming in a guilt-free way to improve our growth and development.  Astrophyllite wants us to believe and we will achieve as it guides us while we strive to reach our full potential.  It reminds us that the only limitations we have are the ones we put on ourselves because no obstacle is too great to overcome.  It serves to protect and offer guidance whenever we need it.  Astrophyllite is a great crystal to use when astral traveling or attempting any other outer body journeying.  It enhances our awareness and increases our sensitivity to touch, while also enriching our perceptive abilities making it a great tool for those working in the healing fields such as massage, Reiki or acupressure.

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