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Metaphysical Healing Properties of

Hypersthene Healing Properties.png

Hypersthene heightens both our spiritual awareness and universal awareness to the bigger picture.  It guides us to see what is right and good in this world with a clear heart and an open mind.  It encourages us to stand up for our beliefs, all sentient beings along with ourselves.  Hypersthene is a great stone to have when we need to solve a complex problem.  Its ability to help us sort through clutter gives us the clarity we need to see what we may have overlooked.  This newfound clarity extends to our judgments and biases of others as well.  Hypersthene encourages us to be less disparaging and critical of others and reminds us to be tolerant to those that believe differently than us.  Hypersthene inspires us to approach life with a positive attitude and does its part by alleviating negative energy from around us.  Used in meditation, Hypersthene will assist in reaching a deeper state where profound inner reflection can take place.

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