Sacral Chakra Healing Crystal Intention Set

Sacral Chakra Healing Crystal Intention Set


This Sacral Chakra Healing Crystal Intention Set comes with three healing crystals aligned with the Sacral Chakra to help cleanse and open the Sacral Chakra.  You will receive one tumbled Carnelian, one tumbled Sunstone and one rough Fire Agate stone.  The stones range in size from 1-2".  In addition to the three healing crystals, you will also receive a drawstring pouch with the Sacral Chakra symbol permanently adhered with heat transfer vinyl.  

  • Healing Properties


    Carnelian is a powerful stone connected to our Sacral Chakra. It helps us regain any personal power we have lost. It enhances our energy and vitality while keeping us grounded to the task at hand. Sometimes our past lingers over our head and we are unable to focus on the present moment. Carnelian encourages us to be present and grounded when decisions need to be made, so as not to allow our past traumas to dictate our current decisions. Carnelian is also known to enhance our personal connection to spirit, empowering us to connect dis-ease of the body with our emotions, allowing us to resolve the suppressed emotional woes in order to heal. An excellent stone to elevate creativity, Carnelian opens our mind to new possibilities encouraging us to think outside the box without worrying about being judged.


    Sunstone has a beautiful energy that radiates upon us just like the sun. It uplifts our spirit and brings joy to our hearts. Sunstone brings clarity into any situation shining its light upon it and unveiling what was once hidden. Carrying a piece of Sunstone helps us improve our personal power. It encourages us to be confident, optimistic and action orientated by motivating us to do our best. Sunstone will help boost our motivation and give us the strength and vitality to carry on during our most difficult times. When dealing with negative people who seem to have hooked onto our energy, Sunstone helps dispel their energy-sucking hook freeing us to move freely without their attachment.


    Fire Agate

    FireAgate is known as the “Spiritual Flame of the Universe.” Full of mystery and wonder, it first catches our eye with its unique translucent shades of reds and browns until we get a little closer and witness what appears to be a real flame in shades of reds, greens and oranges. It has a direct connection to the Fire Element ever since Alchemist’s studied the stone believing it contained the essence of fire itself. Fire Agate offers us strength encouraging us to take decisive action in our life. Fire Agate emboldens courage and fearlessness while we reconnect with our deepest desires that we have pushed aside as the years have gone by. It encourages us to trust that we are always safe and protected, not just physically, but emotionally as well. It is a great stone for those of us who tend to let others push them around or who stay silent when someone is offending them. Courage to speak our truth and express our feelings to the offender empowers our spirit, our connection to the Divine and our connection to our true self!