Taurus Healing Crystal Intention Set

Taurus Healing Crystal Intention Set


This Healing Crystal Intention Set includes one tumbled Indigo Gabbro, one tumbled  Rhodonite and one tumbled Rose Quartz healing crystal.  Each crystal is connected to the Zodiac sign Taurus.    The crystals will look similar to those pictured above, but will vary in size and shape.  In addition, you will receive a fabric drawstring pouch with a Taurus Zodiac symbol to carry your new crystals in!

  • Healing Properties

    Indigo Gabbro

    IndigoGabbro is sometimes referred by its tradename Mystic Merlinite, but it is important to note Indigo Gabbro is the stone’s official name, whereas Mystic Merlinite is a marketing ploy. It is mostly a plutonic rock that is formed by molten magma trapped beneath the Earth's surface that cools into a crystalline mass. It is a combination of several minerals that include Chlorite, Muscovite, Serpentine, Feldspar and Magnetite amongst others. This creates a synergistic affect that helps to connect us to our higher self. This enables us to see our shadow side and the changes we need to make in our life. It inspires logic and practical solutions to tackles any problem we face. In addition, it assists in helping us locate any energy blockages we have in our body. Indigo Gabbro instills strength, confidence and inner peace with its unique ability to keep us grounded while simultaneously opening up our Crown Chakra. A very protective stone, Indigo Gabbro has the ability to absorb, clear and transmute all harmful negative energy, including from sources of EMF. It is a stone of balance that brings our subconscious and conscious mind together, as well as helps us balance our past and present by exposing then healing any past life issues we have not worked through.


    Rhodonite works on an emotional level to heal shock and trauma. It clears energy blockages from our past and transmutes our anger and resentment into forgiveness and acceptance. Rhodonite is connected to our Heart Chakra working diligently to clear, stabilize and activate it. It promotes self-love and compassion while encouraging us to see how we have unfairly projected our internal issues onto our partner and loved ones. With this newfound awareness, we begin to work through these internal issues allowing us to truly open our hearts to love. Some physical ailments that fester may be a result of our emotional wounds that have been left unhealed. Rhodonite balances and integrates the physical and emotional bodies, promoting confidence to address them while alleviating any confusion we have about their cause, then helping us to find the path of healing to resolve them.

    Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz is known as "The Stone of Unconditional Love." It has a soothing energy that increases empathy towards oneself and others. It helps improve our ability to forgive ourselves for our past indiscretions. It also gives us the strength and courage to forgive others for any wrongs they may have done to us as well as restore our ability to trust others again. Rose Quartz reminds us that compassion and forgiveness towards ourselves and others is essential to our own growth and wellbeing. Without it, we continue to carry too heavy of a burden that weighs us down and hinders our journey towards reaching enlightenment. Rose Quartz understands how difficult of a task this can be and will assist by lowering stress and tension and dissipating any anger and jealousy we are holding onto allowing us to foster only loving, peaceful thoughts and actions. In addition, Rose Quartz gently draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes. It also comforts us while we are grieving or facing heartache from love that was lost.