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Metaphysical Healing Properties of

Stilbite Healing Properties.png

Stilbite opens our intuition.  It helps us manifest our thoughts into action while grounding our spiritual energy.  A highly supportive crystal, Stilbite has a very loving and compassionate vibration.  It is a perfect choice for those venturing into spiritual journeying as it guides and directs us on a mental and spiritual level, while keeping us protected by maintaining our physical existence.  Often times we forget our journey since a deep meditative state is required, Stilbite will help us remember our experiences so we can learn from them on a conscious level, not just subconscious.  Its vibration reminds us Universal love and connecting with all sentient beings is our true purpose on this earth.  In addition, Stilbite wants to remind us that we are loved and cared for regardless of how lonely we may feel. 

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