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Metaphysical Healing Properties of

Ulexite Healing Properties

Ulexite is often referred to as the TV stone as its fibrous composition can mimic a television by placing the stone on top of a newspaper it appears to project the words on top of the stone.  As a “Seer Stone” Ulexite connects with our Third Eye Chakra bringing focus and clarity on both a mental and spiritual level.  It is a stone of revelation that sparks our ability to intuitively see into another’s heart allowing us to read their energy so we know if they are being sincere or disingenuous.  Ulexite enhances creativity by boosting our imagination and reminding us there are endless possibilities to creative expression.  It creates harmony within our mind, body and spirit by transporting divine energy through us.    Meditating with Ulexite can enhance visualizations as it compels you into a relaxed, calm state open to receive messages and guidance from higher planes.

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