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The Phases of Our Magical Moon

The Phases of our Magical Moon by Soul Sisters Designs

The Moon

The Moon has been a revered and sacred presence in the sky since ancient times. One glance on a clear night and you are encapsulated by her gleaming command over the night's sky. Her gravitational pull is so strong it moves the ocean tides. Farmers base their planting and harvesting schedule around her phases. Countless legends, myths and stories surrounding the magic and mystery of the Moon have been told throughout history.

Greek mythology linked the moon with Artemis, the twin sister of the sun god Apollo. She held sway over childbirth and fertility. Ancient Mayan civilizations worshipped the moon goddess, Ix Chel, a powerful goddess that would battle the sun every evening forcing him into the underworld. Some Mayan dynasties would claim to be a direct descendent of the moon as she also served as their goddess of childbirth and fertility. In Roman mythology she was Diana which translates to heavenly or divine in Italian. She was the goddess of the hunt having power over animals, as well as fertility and birthing.

Moon Phases

Infographic of the Phases of the Moon

The Moon's cycle lasts roughly 29.5 days, similar to that of a woman's menstrual cycle. The Moon's cycle is determined by how long it takes her to orbit around the Earth. Each phase of the moon describes what part of her is visible to us. Her visibility is dictated by where the Sun and the Earth are during her orbit. This cycle begins with the New Moon.

New Moon

During a New Moon, the moon is not visible to us and the sky appears darker than normal. What causes the Moon to "disappear" is the Sun. During a New Moon, the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned with the Moon sandwiched in the middle. As the Sun's rays hit the Moon, the Moon naturally casts a shadow just as any object would. Our view of the Moon is inhibited during a New Moon because it is blocked by her shadow causing her to "disappear" from the sky as referenced in the image below.

On a New Moon the Moon's shadow blocks our view since she is between Earth and the Sun

Since the New Moon is the beginning of her cycle it is a perfect time for you to set new intentions and goals for things you would like to manifest and work on over the course of the next six months. As we discussed in our previous post on the Moon, each New Moon is linked to the current Zodiac sign it occurs during. For example, the intentions we set on the New Moon in Capricorn in January will come full circle six months later during the Full Moon in Capricorn that occurs sometime in July.

During a New Moon the sky appears darker serving as a reminder to slow your thoughts down and relish in the present moment. Reflect upon where you are on your journey right now. Think back to where you began and the progress you have made. Start to formulate a plan on where you would like to be as you set your intention. Realize that this period of darkness is only just the beginning of a new cycle full of endless possibilities and potential. Open your heart to love and plant the seeds you wish to sow in the coming months.


New Moon Intentions and Manifestation Graphic by Soul Sisters Designs


Waxing Moon

As the Moon orbits around the Earth, she moves away from her original position between the Sun and the Earth. The shadow cast by the Sun moves with her and we begin to see a crescent shape Moon form. The Moon is now entering a Waxing phase. Waxing is the term used to describe a Moon that is increasing in visibility. At first we call it a Waxing Crescent Moon until she reaches the First Quarter and is exactly 50% full. Once the Moon surpasses 50% she becomes a Waxing Gibbous Moon. She keeps growing in the Waxing Gibbous phase until she finally reaches 100% Full.


Waxing Crescent and Gibbous defined


During a Waxing Moon focus your thoughts on the intention you set during the New Moon. Using all of your senses visualize that intention being manifested. What does it look like in your mind? How do you feel inside? Does anything taste, touch or smell differently now that you have achieved your goal? Saying you wish to manifest, for example, a new career, is too vague. What is the new career? What do you wear to work everyday? What tasks are you responsible for? Who are your clients or coworkers? Be specific and see what manifesting this intention will look like, feel like, smell like to you? When you can visualize what you want your life to look like, it helps not only attract that energy to you, but also increases your confidence in your ability to manifest it. You start to believe it can happen and are motivated to stay the course.

Waxing Moons remind you to make time for your personal growth by digging deep within and discovering yourself a little more each day. Now that you can visualize your intention coming into fruition, begin to refine your goals and start to take the steps necessary to achieve them. What started off as a just a dream is now becoming your reality! Each day of the Waxing Moon reminds you to take time for and make room for you! This is essential if you wish to live the life you deserve!


Waxing Moon symbolism, intentions and manifestations by Soul Sisters Designs


Full Moon

The Full Moon is a legend in itself. Movies about werewolves appearing on during a Full Moon are as common as vampires being portrayed burning in the sunlight. The term lunatic or lunacy was coined from the word lunar as it was believed people suffered mental illness during a Full Moon. Many courts would lessen the sentence for crimes committed during a Full Moon. There are reports that some mental institutions used to chain patients to their bed during a Full Moon as a safety precaution. Emergency rooms are more crowded during a Full Moon. There are even police departments across the globe that put more officers on duty during Full Moons since they anticipate strange or unusual events and dangerous individuals to act out. Coincidence? Pseudoscience? It is hard to say as most theories on the Full Moon's affect on human behavior have been debunked, but personally, I absolutely believe the Full Moon's affect on humans is real. I can feel it's presence and strong energy radiating from the sky. Fortunately for my family, I receive nothing but positive vibes!

You have set your intention on the New Moon six months ago and now the Full Moon is here. It is time for you to reap the harvest of the seeds you sowed. If you remained committed to your goals and continued on your journey of personal growth you will see your hard work pay off as your dreams become your reality. Full Moons are a time to focus your thoughts on gratitude and love. Be grateful for the progress you have made and the opportunities you have manifested for yourself.

Your emotions may be elevated but that's ok. Just accept them as they come. Feel them without judging them. These emotions may be overwhelming at times, but know that you are at a point on your journey where you can no longer hide from them or ignore them. Just as the Full Moon illuminates the night sky, your emotions are illuminated and cannot be ignored. Take some time to reflect upon and understand their origins before you say your final farewell and part ways with them. You have grown immensely and no longer need to accept your past wounds and emotional trauma as permanent fixtures whispering seeds of doubt in your ear. It's time to release the tight grip they have had on you. Once you are able to let them go you will feel an increase in your energy as their debilitating weight is lifted off your shoulders.

Full Moons are the perfect time to release which no longer serves you. After you release them, you will feel a cleansed and recharged energy just as your crystals experience when bathing in the moonlight.


Full Moon Intentions, Manifestations and Symbolism by Soul Sisters Designs


Waning Moon

Waning Moons occur after the Full Moon. As the Moon continues on it's journey orbiting around the Earth it starts to peak its head above the Earth allowing the Sun to cast a shadow over it sliver by sliver. This causes our view of the Moon to begin shrinking night by night. This is referred to as a Waning Moon. It first becomes a Waning Gibbous as it decreases from Full, but remains over 50% illuminated. Once it reaches the halfway point it is at its Last Quarter until it continues to shrink in visibility as it orbits closer and closer to the Sun. When it is less than 50% full, but before it becomes new again, it is referred to as a Waning Crescent.


Waning Crescent and Gibbous Moon Definition


Sometimes what we think we want ends up not as great as we had hoped or it no longer fits into who we have grown into. Its perfectly normal to think you will feel a certain way once A, B or C happens only to find out you were wrong. Every step on your journey is necessary, even the disappointments or let downs. Often times we experience something not understanding that it is all part of the Universe's master plan. Without having lived through the experience we wouldn't have been able to manifest something else that we truly do want in our lives. Maybe you manifested what you believed to be your dream job only to find out you really don't like the work. However, you met a new friend while at work who shared your love for crystals or gardening or Yoga. Be grateful for the opportunity to cross paths with your new friend and relish in your friendship. Don't dwell on what you didn't receive from manifesting your new job, just be grateful for what you did. You never know, but this new friend may have a family member or friend or past colleague or contact that helps you on your journey in ways you couldn't imagine. The point is, we cannot judge any experience as bad or good without looking at it in it's entirety. You don't know yet that your new friend will eventually help you make a contact down the road so instead of being disappointed things didn't work out at the job, be grateful for the opportunity that led you to cross paths with a likeminded soul who just may be your friend for life!

Every step you take is an important part of your journey, the good and the bad. During a Waning Moon the Moon's illumination is dimming. Take this time for self-reflection and self-discovery. The steps you have taken are leading you towards your true purpose in life. Be creative during this time, but also find balance by being pragmatic too. It is a beautiful thing to express yourself creatively, but we cannot just live in the clouds. The Earth Element reminds us to stay grounded and practical too. Most importantly, unburden yourself from any negative thoughts or judgements. There is no room for them as they take up valuable headspace you need to focus on yourself. A New Moon is just around the corner and with that another New Beginning!


Waning Moon Symbolism, Intentions and Manifestations by Soul Sisters Designs



I hope you enjoyed learning more about La Luna and her phases! Since my journey began I have embraced the energy from the Moon with open arms. I feel such a strong, deep connection to her. I find myself staring up in the sky in awe. She brings a smile to my face! I call upon her when I am experiencing challenges. I ask for her energy and guidance to help see me through. I must admit, I thought it was rather strange when I started to talk to the Moon and never really understood why or what led me to begin doing it. It was just one of those things that happened one summer evening. As I felt her energy running through me our bond had forged. I look forward to Full Moons because I can sit on my couch in the evening and see her glaring at me through my window. I then arise in the morning to see her on the opposite end of my house through the window that sits in front of my computer before the sun has fully risen and she is no longer visible during the daylight. Feeling her presence is like knowing a friend is by your side as you face a difficult task.

I hope all of you can bond with the Moon as I have. I envision the Moon as a body of energy where all feminine wisdom is stored. It radiates positivity, love and light upon us when we connect with it and with that we receive the most loving supportive energy in return. If you have any experiences or would like to share your personal stories of connection with the Moon please feel free to share in the comments below or email me at I absolutely love hearing your experiences, traditions, thoughts or rituals. Until next time!


Sandy and Nicole

Soul Sisters Designs


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