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Crystal Cleansing under the Full Moon

Full Moon Crystal Cleansing Ritual

Supermoon Tonight

Tonight's Full Moon is what is known as a supermoon. Supermoons occur when the moon appears larger than normal due to the elliptical tilt of our planet that positions us closer to the moon. Supermoons appear much larger and brighter than normal. Tonight, however, is not just your average supermoon! This Full Moon will be the largest supermoon we have seen since 1948 and one we will not see again until 2034!!! The energy of tonight's full moon will be magnified and offers us the perfect opportunity to cleanse and charge our crystals! There are many different methods you can use to cleanse your crystals, but the full moon energy happens to be my personal favorite.

Why do crystals need to be cleansed?

Crystals naturally pick up energy from the environment they live in. All that energy, both good and bad, is energy held by the crystal until we help them release it. Scientists are researching ways to store data in quartz crystals in order to preserve it for generations to come ( Because they can store abundant amounts of energy, we have to remove the stale, stagnant or negative vibes so they can work most efficiently. It is similar to taking out the garbage when the container is full. While your crystals will still work if you do not cleanse them, it seems to me as it is the least we can do for them by giving them a moonlight bath!

Why on a full moon?

The moon has a powerful, feminine energy. It has the ability to move the ocean tides which means it is directly related to water. The water element is what dictates the ebb and flow of our emotions. Why would the moon affect us emotionally? Well the answer is quite simple. Our bodies are mostly water! The moon is it's brightest and most powerful when it is full which makes it the perfect occasion for releasing what no longer serves us. On the last New Moon we set our intention and planted the seeds in which we wish to sprout, nourish and grow. On the full moon we are going to release what is no longer serving us or our crystals!

How to use the Full Moon

The lunar energy is strong three days before and three days after the full moon, so if you miss putting your crystals out tonight, don't worry you still have ample time to do so. Take your crystals and put them on a tray, bowl or a table outside overnight. Leave them there, if possible, for 24 hours. After they have basked in the moonlight, keep them outside so they can soak up the rays of the sun too in order to really supercharge their vibration! If you don't have anywhere outside to safely put them, that is ok too! Leave them on a windowsill or a table close to a window. As long as the intention is there, they will reap the benefits of the full moon!

If you are worried about the elements damaging them because it is extremely cold or hot outside, remember they were created in extreme circumstance such as volcanic eruptions and have been in existence for millions of years! With that in mind, rest assured, they will be just fine outside for the night. The only precaution to be aware of, is there are certain crystals, like Selenite, that should not get wet. I suggest referencing a geology or mineral book or website to figure out which stones should stay dry.

I would also like to encourage you to think about all the things that are no longer serving you and release that energy tonight as well. I like to do a simple fire ceremony to accomplish this. I write down on a piece of paper all that I wish to remove from my life. I then light a candle, a match or my firepit outside and throw the piece of paper in the fire. The fire will destroy the paper, symbolizing the destruction of the items on my list. Since fire clears out old so new can be created, you have now cleared out the negative and made room for the new! Please share your stories, experiences and rituals on how you use the full moon to cleanse your crystals and self of what no longer serves you!


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