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Exploring the 7 Chakras Part Five: Throat

Exploring the 7 Chakras: Throat (Vishuddha) by Soul Sisters Designs

The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is also known as Vishuddha, from the Sanskrit word for "pure" It is located near the larynx on our throat. Its color is sky blue reminiscent of the heavens. The Throat Chakra symbol is a 16 petal lotus with a circle. The circle represents a state of emptiness and only those who manage to penetrate the circle will gain a deeper understanding of what's inside. It is the center of sound responsible for communication and speech. The desire to speak our truth and express ourselves verbally are dictated by our Throat Chakra. It has an intermediary role of connecting our Heart Chakra to our Third Eye Chakra, thus balancing our feelings and thoughts. We communicate feelings and thoughts through sound. The words we express to others and most importantly, the words we say to and about ourselves have great influence over our mind as well as our general feelings about our lives. The verbal expression of feelings through sound is seen in talented orators, actors, as well as musicians. Hearing a sound can trigger every emotion from pure panic and terror we feel after hearing a loud explosion, to pure joy felt when our favorite song is blasted on the radio. What we hear can change our mood in an instant.


Throat Chakra Sanskrit Symbols by Soul Sisters Designs

The Throat Chakra is symbolized by the 16 petal lotus with a circle. The circle symbolizes a place of emptiness and only those that can penetrate the circle will acquire a deeper understanding.The image to the right also includes the Sanskrit symbol for the Mantra of the Throat Chakra: HAM.


Qualities, Correspondences and Tools

Below is a Throat Chakra reference guide. Once we understand the qualities and correspondences of this Chakra, we can better assess the health of our own Throat Chakra. If you become aware of imbalances in your Throat Chakra, there are many ways to balance and harmonize this area in the third section listed below.

Throat Chakra Reference Guide

Throat Chakra Qualities

Central Theme: Communication, Truth, Inspiration

Position on the Body: Larynx

Bodily Function: Throat, Neck, Esophagus, Shoulders, Jaw

Mental Level: Communication

Spiritual Level: Truth

Developmental Stage: Unfolding 29-35

Strengths: Discernment, Multi-faceted Interests, Music

Weaknesses: Need for Admiration, Intolerance

Physical Disorders: Thyroid Ailments, Neck Pain, Speech Mental Disorders: Shyness, Inability to Express Oneself

Throat Chakra Correspondence

Color: Light Blue, Sky Blue

Vowel: E

Sensory Function: Hearing

Phase of the Moon: Waning Moon

Planet: Saturn

Element: Ether/Spirit

Ways to Cleanse/Align

Mantra: HAM

Musical Instrument: Voice

Affirmation: I open myself to the power of truth

Essential Oil: Eucalyptus, Camphor, Peppermint

Precious Stones: Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli

Herb: Peppermint, Sage, Coltsfoot

Spice: Star Anise, Clove

Bach Flowers: Agrimony, Cerato, Mimulus

In addition to the above, there are many different healing crystals that work with our Throat Chakra. Feel free to click on each crystal listed below to learn more about it in our Metaphysical Directory. Any imbalances in this Chakra can be remedied by using the tools referenced above or by wearing sky blue or other Throat Chakra colors and symbols in jewelry. Use whichever method speaks to you so that you can learn to speak your own truth and express what is in your heart and your mind as pure as the sky on a cloudless day.

This concludes Part Five of our Seven Part Series, Exploring the 7 Chakras. Next week we will explore where our intuition arises from as we look at the Third Eye Chakra. We hope you are enjoying this series and are finding the information helpful in understanding the different Chakras. However, if you have any questions or something isn't clear feel free to post in the comment section or email us at


Nicole & Sandy

Soul Sisters Designs


Govinda, K. (2004). A handbook of chakra healing: spiritual practice for health, harmony, and inner peace. Old Saybrook, CT: Konecky & Konecky.

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